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Audition Information


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   2015-2016 Region II High School Band/Orchestra/Percussion


Attention teachers and students: A new statement on eligibility was put in place prior to the 2015-16 school year.  Please read below to ensure that you as a sponsor or student meet the requirements.  Specific questions should be sent to hsband@cjmea.org for High School Band and Orchestra Auditions ONLY.

1. All sponsoring teachers must be music educators and members of NAfME.

2. Students in a school with a music program must be sponsored by the teacher of that student’s primary ensemble*. If no primary ensemble for that student exists (i.e. no string ensemble for string student auditioning for orchestra), it is up to the discretion of another music teacher in that school to sponsor the student.

3. Students in schools without a music educator may be sponsored by a private music teacher as long as the teacher is a NAfME member and agrees to attend the auditions in their entirety. The status of the school’s music program may be verified by the CJMEA Executive Board.  All decisions on eligibility in this category are under the discretion of CJMEA.

4. Students in schools without a music teacher should first seek sponsorship from their hometown school. If the hometown school is unable to sponsor, the students may alternatively seek sponsorship from their private teacher.

5. Sponsorship is defined as: signing the forms, acquiring appropriate signatures, conforming the student's musical ability, the student's standing in the program, and attending the auditions in their entirety.

6. All decisions on eligibility are under the discretion of the CJMEA Executive Board.

*For the purpose of this policy, primary ensemble would mean:

  • For a string student auditioning for orchestra, an ensemble that includes strings
  • For a student auditioning for band, an ensemble that includes winds or percussion
  • For a students auditioning for chorus, an ensemble that includes choral performance

Student Application: https://secure.jotform.us/form/52675911332152
Director Application: https://secure.jotform.us/form/52436971987169
Audition Requirements: http://tinyurl.com/nm77fxv  
Student packet: http://tinyurl.com/p8lqpxw  
Director packet: http://tinyurl.com/q66avpy


   2016 Region II Intermediate Band/Orchestra/Percussion


2015-2016 Intermediate Band, Orchestra, and Percussion Ensemble audition requirements



2015-2016 Region II High School Chorus


Check back again for HS Chorus audition information

Concerto Competition

Check back again for Concerto Competition audition information


 2016 Region II Intermediate Chorus


Check back again for Intermediate Chorus audition information



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